Lessons at The School

Lessons at The School

All music lessons are taught  one on one in of our state of the art lesson rooms. Every teacher at Rob’s School of Music is a professional musician with years of experience in both their instrument and education.

At Rob’s School of Music, we don’t operate under a corporate curriculum. Each lesson is custom-tailored to the students specific goals, needs and learning style. Our team of world-class professionals are trained in quickly deciphering a students goals and delivering the material in a fun, easily digestible manor, while still maintaining structure.


Tuition is paid monthly and includes 4 half hour lessons per month, one-on-one with the instructor. In the event of a month that includes 5 lessons, the tuition increases accordingly. The student chooses a time and day of the week that fits their schedule, then that time slot is reserved for that student upon initial payment equivalent to one month’s tuition. Future tuition is due on the last lesson of the month to continue at that time slot. Tuition can be paid in cash, checks or credit cards. Checks can be made payable to “Rob’s Music Lessons LLC”. A credit card must be given and will be kept securely on file. Please contact us to discuss rates and packages.