Samantha Calamera

Samantha Calamera
Samantha is an professional singer-songwriter. She was born and raised in Westchester, NY, and has been singing and performing professionally since the age of fourteen. Growing up, she performed in various original, cover, and wedding bands, exposing her to an assortment of musical styles early in her career. It was during this time when she was truly able to hone her craft and further develop her unique sound. Aside from teaching she currently performs 3 to 5 gigs a week and is constantly in the studio working on her own music and with other collaborators. Her passion and enthusiasm always brings the best out of her students and her warm, patient approach makes her the big sister all of her students always wanted.

The staff and instructors at Rob’s School of Music are amazing. Everyone is so friendly and great. The instructors are super knowledgeable and very professional. My kids both take music lessons with Rob and Seth. We have been to other places but Rob’s School of Music is the best and our favorite. I recommend these guys to anyone that thinks they are or wants to become a musician

My son started taking guitar in the beginning of the school year. At first I was worried he would be too young. He is 7. It was the best experience for him. He’s gained so much confidence. And his fine motor skills have improved tremendously. His handwriting has gotten so much better since starting his lessons. His attention and ability to focus have also been noticeably better. I highly recommend checking it out!

Susan S.

I cannot say enough great things about Rob Spampinato's Jam Camp.  The small group environment was a nurturing one for these young musicians from middle school to high school, who put together an amazing performance of 3 songs after a short 2 week session!  I saw my son's rock talents blossom in front of my eyes.  They learned to trust themselves, each other, and create a group persona composed of their own budding talents.  Rob was instrumental in inspiring them, guiding them, and leading them with the musicality as well as the mutual support needed to thrive both individually and as a group.  Self expression is one of the greatest gifts we have through music, and Rob's School of Music made this dream a reality this Summer!  We look forward the next one!!!!

Judy L - Suffern NY / Parent

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