Sam Waymon

Sam Waymon

Born in North Carolina, Sam Waymon began playing piano at age 3, much the same way as his older sister, Eunice, had done before him. In the mid-1950’s his sister left North Carolina to further her career. Along the way she dropped her given name and became one of music’s most influential and unique musicians, known as Nina Simone. Sam worked and recorded with his sister for over ten years. He broke away to develop his own style that combined everything from gospel to jazz.

In his present band he has assembled a group that shares his vision of promoting the best of original American music, namely rhythm&blues/blues/jazz. Through Sam’s own repertoire of over 400 songs as well as covers of some classic tunes, the band can rock and soul any audience. The influences run the gamut of musical tastes from Marvin Gaye to Stevie Ray Vaughn and from Ray Charles to Bob Dylan. The band is capable of doing songs in a variety of styles and creates a brand of music that is distinct in stylings and sounds. It is truly a renaissance band from a master of the genre, Mr Sam Waymon.


I cannot say enough great things about Rob Spampinato's Jam Camp.  The small group environment was a nurturing one for these young musicians from middle school to high school, who put together an amazing performance of 3 songs after a short 2 week session!  I saw my son's rock talents blossom in front of my eyes.  They learned to trust themselves, each other, and create a group persona composed of their own budding talents.  Rob was instrumental in inspiring them, guiding them, and leading them with the musicality as well as the mutual support needed to thrive both individually and as a group.  Self expression is one of the greatest gifts we have through music, and Rob's School of Music made this dream a reality this Summer!  We look forward the next one!!!!

Judy L - Suffern NY / Parent

Rob’s School of Music is second to none! Rob is fun, patient, and creative. He brings out the best in each individual musician!

The Summer Jam Camp was a fun and unique experience! Our child had a blast and learned so much! Kids of all levels and ages are brought together to work together and learn all the dynamics of what goes in to having a band! They built on each other’s strengths and were free to explore their own creativity, with an amazing result of the kids coming together, as a band, to perform! A fun way to meet new people, build up confidence, and explore each person’s creativity!

Cannot recommend Rob and his staff enough!!!! Truly the best!

Karen D. / Suffern NY

I've checked out some of the corporate chain music schools around Rockland, and they can't compare to the programs (not to mentioned the prices) offered at Rob's School of Music. My 8 year old daughter started on piano, then switched to violin and finally settled on drums. All of the teachers were amazing with her and made her feel comfortable every step of the way. Rob and her teachers made us feel like part of the family and you definitely won't find that at a corporate school.

Kristen S. - Suffern NY / Parent